£87,543 on autopilot using webinars...

It took me nearly 1000 hours and almost 100 tests to get the process nailed... but now the Ultimate Webinar Sales Blueprint actually exists...

... AND... it has now been tested in dozens of different markeplaces...

Six years ago I undertook my first webinar…

I sold nothing.

Two years later I was still creating webinars and thought I had it nailed.  I had followed, to the letter, yet another “webinar course” from a big name in the industry.  I was all set up with nearly 200 people online, all of them from very warm lists and most of whom had read my books and seen me speak in that niche…

The result?

Nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada… and every other cliched linguistic version of NOTHING!!!

And so began my journey…

I bought every single course on the market, I tried every platform, I tested dozens of variables and covered all the markets I work in…

And… finally I hit a home run…

A genuine home run.  Not a one off launch with a few dollar signs.  I created a webinar which, on autopilot brings in nearly £100,000 a year.  The entire system is automated.


That webinar is now more than three years old and STILL pulls in nearly £100K a year.

The total costs of running that product are less than £50 per month.  The VA bill for customer service averages £20 per month.  I spend approximately 30 minutes per month on it and sometimes no time at all.

That simple webinar converts at approximately 40%.  And for a three week perios recently it converted at 100%.  And, if I’m honest, the design is pretty poor.  It’s not “slick” but BOY, does it work!

Since then I’ve used exactly the same formula in the other markets I work in.  With equal success.

I’ve used it to promote high ticket seminars and again had between 30% and 40% sales conversion.

But could it work for others?  Was it something in the way I presented?

I decided to find out…

I ran a series on one day seminars teaching my methods and the results were incredible.  Attendees were able to instantly apply the process to their businesses and sell in volumes they hadn’t dreamed of previously.

I also worked briefly one on one with renowned US marketer David Siteman Garland

“I used to be ‘meh’ at best at webinars. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes OK. I never really had an easy to follow system as to what works until John taught me his.

The results? My sales DOUBLED (actually almost freakin’ tripled) from my previous webinars. I ended up selling $38,336 worth of programs on a small webinar.

Then I put it to use again recently and brought in an additional $121,724.00.  Yes, seriously.

Not only that but I shared some of what I learned with a good friend and his conversions doubled (actually a little more than doubled as well). Learn John’s system. It works. Simple as that.”

-David Siteman Garland creator of The Rise To The Top & Create Awesome Online Courses


Here’s the truth…

Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING converts prospects into buyers like a properly constructed webinar.  No sales letter, no video sales letter, no sequence of videos.  Webinars are, hands down. the best way to convert browsers into buyers.

So what do you get in the Webinar Sales Blueprint

  • The full step by step process showing how I create these webinars
  • A full walk through of one of my webinars showing exactly what I’m doing at each stage
  • The full slides from my webinar which produced $87,543 last year on autopilot
  • The full recording of that webinar
  • The exact process I went through with David Siteman Garland that helped him generate nearly $200,000 in two webinars
  • The single slide that I used to help more than double one client’s webinars
  • Full “fill in the blanks” templates for each stage of the process

And, you’ll also receive the full recordings of my Joint Venture Masterclass which will allow you to immediately gain an outlet for your webinars… even if you have no list and no money for paid traffic!

Important stuff you need to know! 

The total cost of the Webinar Sales Blueprint, including all bonuses, is £291 + VAT (if applicable)

Your initial charge will be £97 + VAT. You will then be charged £97+VAT per month for the next two months.

You will gain immediate access to the entire product via a closed site.

All videos can be watched online AND immediately downloaded.  All checklists and written content is in PDF format and can be downloaded.

If you have ANY queries at all just send an email to Support@webinarsalesblueprint.com

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